Taboo Topics:

Hard Conversations the Church Should Have

The purpose of Taboo Topics is to open the floor for our church and community to ask the burning questions they may have about a particular subject that the church has been relatively quiet about.  We hope this opens conversations and lets our churches and community know that we are listening and learning together. All talks are free and open to the public!

Upcoming Topics

Fall 2019


  • What is CBD?

    Thursday September 26th

    CBD signs and shops are popping up everywhere.  Some say CBD is a miracle drug.  But what exactly is CBD? Join us to find out what it is, the myths, the misconceptions, and more.

    Special Guest Expert:

    Ken Tinnin

  • Life After Incarceration

    Thursday October 24th

    Many churches has successful Prison Ministries, but what about life after incarceration? What are the needs and challenges? What can we as a church, as family members, and friends do to be a support?

    Special Guest Expert: 

    Arkevious Armstrong

    CEO/Founder Ark Inspire

  • Blended & Unique Families

    Thursday November 14th

    From multiple step-children to grandparents raising grandkids, our families are complex.  This means conflict is inevitable.  How can we do what is best for everyone, especially our children?

    Special Guest Expert:

    The Stone Center for Counseling & Leadership