COVID-19 Response

Last updated: Tuesday March 17th 5pm

The official response from our Pastor and the RMBC Office Staff is below along with some quick answers for your convenience. You can also download a handy .pdf document HERE. If you need local resources, visit our Missions Place page for help.

Our Response

We understand concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and want to encourage you to take decisions about your health seriously. Below are some quick points for our members, friends, and guests. As always, please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have further questions at 704-398-2914 or email:

Questions & Concerns

Sunday 3/22/2020

No worship services for the rest of March 2020.

Sermons, teachings, and other inspirational videos are available on this website and our Facebook page.

Suspended activities

The following have been suspended for March 2020.

-Sunday Services

-WCHSNAA Meetings

-Weeky Bible Studies

-Coffee & Cookies AA

-AARP Tax Aide Preparation

-Tuesday Night Teaching

-NorthStar Reading Buddies

-SPROUT Tutoring

Missions Place Food Pantry should contact Min. Deborah Wilson about updates!

Church Response

We have always prioritized hygiene but have taken greater measures to ensure our facility is well-managed and safe.  Our bathrooms are equipped with anti-bacterial soap solution, so use it freely. We have also ensured hand sanitizer and a limited supply of plastic gloves will be available for you at the Welcome Center. Remember: Hand washing is an even greater barrier than hand sanitizers.

Individual Response

Please continue to pray for those already affect by COVID-19 and for healthcare professionals. Consider “social distancing,” or avoiding prolonged close contact with potentially affected individuals.  As a result, we will ask you to ask you to elbow bump instead of shaking hands or embracing as an alternative way of greeting one another in worship. Remember, instead of reacting in fear and panic, intentionally respond in faith and preparation.