In January of 1983, a few former members of Gethsemane Baptist Church began meeting and praying for a place where they could meet to have Sunday School and Prayer Service.  They held meetings at the homes of several people to get organized and begin their search for a church home. The name Reeder Memorial was chosen in memory of the late Dr. J. A. Reeder who had been a cherished pastor of Gethsemane for 33 years. He baptized many of the members into membership at Gethsemane.   


Having adopted a name and established itself as a Baptist congregation, the group set out to incorporate the congregation in North Carolina.  The charter was granted, and on May 11, 1983, the legal name was established; the new institution became Reeder Memorial Baptist Church, Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Soon after incorporation, the group decided to purchase land and began raising funds towards that end. By September of the following year, Reeder Memorial purchased 3.25 acres of land, adjacent to what was then known as Metrolina Funeral Home at 3725 Beatties Ford Road.  During this period, the Church was under the leadership of Interim Pastor, Rev. R. W. Dalton, who served as a spiritual leader until the Church could find a permanent pastor.


During the summer of 1984, members asked Dr. C. Don Steger to preach for Reeder.  By early fall, and after prayerful consideration, the congregation voted to call Dr. Steger to become the first official pastor of Reeder Memorial.  He assumed the role as pastor on November 25, 1984. Pastor Steger picked up the same fervor that the Reeder Memorial Family had for building a church home. He challenged the congregation to begin fundraising for building a church. On February 23, 1986, groundbreaking services were held with numerous local ministers, dignitaries, and friends in attendance. The Lord had brought Reeder Memorial one step closer to its dream.  On March 1, 1987, two years after the campaign began, the dream became a reality. A brand new building was erected, complete with educational wing, fellowship hall, and furnishings. Under Pastor Steger’s leadership, Reeder Memorial established itself as a fertile ground for developing opportunities for Christian service and ministry. Pastor C. Don Steger faithfully led the congregation through their spiritual journey until his retirement in December 2015.


In January of 2016, Dr. Joseph Sanders-Parks assumed the responsibility of Interim Pastor while the church searched for its next permanent leader. After months of praying and planning, the church extended a call to Rev. Thomas R. Farrow, Jr. who was officially installed as the second pastor of Reeder in December of 2016.