Remember, it is always sacred work to bury the dead. This is additionally complicated during the season of pandemic. We thank you for adhering to these guidelines and trust you know that you are not alone.



Gathering to celebrate the life of a loved one and to proclaim the hope of the Resurrection are essential practices of our Christian faith. Therefore, this policy is being set forth to ensure our traditions are not interrupted during the extended circumstances of the COVID19 outbreak. While we recognize these guidelines present challenges to our customs, we do not wish to risk more death or illness. Therefore, we trust you understand the elements of this policy are not intended to harm but made to ensure caution and safety for vulnerable populations, especially the elderly and those who have underlying conditions. Until the State of Emergency is lifted and we return fully to in-person worship, we will be limited in our funeral practices in the ways outlined below:

Family Representative Responsibilities

We know the disruption for a grieving community is doubly hard during this time and we grieve this disruption with you, therefore:

rightarrow As soon as possible and after you have contacted the funeral home of your choice, call the church office to begin funeral planning.

rightarrow Meet with the pastor or designee in person or virtually, as appropriate, to plan homegoing service, which should not exceed one hour.

rightarrow Invite a maximum of fifty (50) family and friends to attend the service. Consider enlisting another close friend or family member to help.

rightarrow Communicate protocols to all family and friends who will be in attendance.

rightarrow Request or authorize Reeder Memorial Baptist Church to livestream service for those who cannot be in attendance, if desired.

Guest Requirements

**Note: Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter the building. No exceptions.**

rightarrow Follow all directions from church representatives at all


rightarrow Wear face covering and submit to touchless temperature checks

before entering the building.

rightarrow Provide contact information (name, phone number and/or email) for future reference in the unfortunate event someone attending the service receives a positive test for COVID-19.

rightarrow Follow all social distancing guidelines while on the church property, including standing or sitting no less than 6-feet apart unless you are members of the same household; Refraining from gathering in groups in the parking lot before or after the service.


We will not allow wakes or viewing during the pandemic because of the difficulty associated with maintaining appropriate distancing and sanitizing the church.

Church Provisions

rightarrow Meet remotely or in person with family representatives in advance to share church protocol and to plan the funeral service or memorial for your loved one in the church sanctuary.

rightarrow Provide sanitized or anti-microbial pens for guest use.

rightarrow Ensure a clean and sanitized facility with visible signage.


Ensure church representatives are present to:


Greet guests, take touchless temperatures and provide direction to guests before entering sanctuary.

rightarrow Seat and dismiss guests in attendance at service.

rightarrow Provide clergy for eulogy and/or to officiate homegoing service

rightarrow Provide music and AV support

NOTE: Worship participants other than church representatives will need to be requested in advance and are subject to approval.



Food Service

We will not host a meal at the church following the funeral until further notice. The family representative will have the option to either:

a.        Receive a prepared meal to-go for $7/person, or


b.     Forego food service